SAFE & SMART Microfinance


Enhanced Solutions from Safe for your clientele!

With the futuristic, well adaptable, AI integrated digital Fintech solutions, Safe Software focus, and assures on nothing less than Enhanced Customer experience.  SAFE & SMART Microfinance solution has been developed meticulously, giving due importance to the long term relationships with clients. 

The figures prove it all! 20+ years of consistent growth, serving 350 + banking & financial clients with more than 1500 software installations in the financial sector streamlining end to end functions in Microfinance.

Through SAFE & SMART MFI, access can be provided to both members and customers from a centralized platform. The solution ensures high performance and operational efficiency. Due to the modular nature,  separate independent modules are available for each function:-

  • Client management
  • Centre management
  • Member management
  • Loan management
  • Loan Originating System
  • Credit Bureau Verification
  • Group Management
  • Field Collection
  • OverDue Recovery
  • General accounts & Administration

The solution saves much time since it is well integrated with commonly used deployment mechanisms like Android Applications and WhatsApp interfaces.

The following are the salient features of our platform: 

  • Centralized solution
  • Detailed Loan Management
  • Instantaneous Reports
  • Robust Design
  • Accurate & Effective Tracking of Loans
  • HHD Integration Of
  • Collection Modules
  • Multi-level authentication
  • Efficient MIS
  • Risk Management
  • Integrate Accounting System

As the system has a centralized model, data bring updated in real-time, ensures,  that all the data is available to single interface instantaneously. 

In addition, SAFE&SMART MFI solution is well integrated with Agency banking and Village banking modules, thereby assisting in taking reports as well as the printing facility for the field officers in specific.

The solution supports all the 3 models such as:

  • Self Help Group Microfinance Model
  • Joint Liability Group Model
  • NGO Loan Lending Model

SAFE&SMART MFI can be deployed on your private cloud platform and on-premises. It is also available as a SaaS platform.

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