The joy of auditing begins here!

SAFE & SMART eAudit provides a new experience of auditing, completely taking away the hassles of traditional audit management. The solution performs an audit assistant and saves much time, as the end to end functions in auditing are digitalized on a single platform.

Secured, modular and well adaptable, SAFE & SMART eAudit helps a risk-based approach thereby increasing the efficiency of your organizations. 

The solution has enabled the options for the Audit Schedules, Customized Templates, Automated Alerts and ensures user-defined workflows/approval. Moreover, the software is enabled with the inbuilt DMS modules, providing easy access to the documents. It acts as a great tool to manage the auditing work, as the audited documents can be well maintained and preserved systematically.  Quick retrieval of vital documents is considered as the biggest asset of any firm. In addition, the security of the documents is another feature of the software, giving access to the authorized personnel.  Our solution has encompassed all the functional processes in auditing, updating both the auditor and the auditee parallelly. The focus is to streamline the auditing process, making it effortless for both the auditor and auditee.  The solution is deployed on a Saas platform and is well integrated with AI and BI.

Through SAFE & SMART eAudit we offer relaxed, enjoyable, and fun audits.

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